Master Cigar Roller in Auckland

Master roller - Ramses Pantoya Herrera
It's always a priviledge to have a master cigar roller from Cuba to grace our shore. Master roller Ramses was in Auckland to demonstrate the art of rolling cigars. I had the opportunity to meet Ramses and had the pleasure of enjoying a freshly rolled cigar.

Ramses was rolling cigars with his personal blend of seco, ligero and volado leaves which just arrived a few days ago from Cuba. The fresh cigar tasted very different to aged cigars. I could taste and savoured the variety of flavors and aroma from the tobacco. The cigar was rolled to perfection with just the right balanced draw and produced the most luscious rich smoke.

Petite Coronas rolled by Ramses

Previously I also had the opportunity to meet the following cigar rollers from Cuba.

Alfredo Andres Pino in 2008

Yasmel Rodriguez in 2007 

Customed cigar by Yasmel